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May 30, 2013

In the spirit of Throw-Back-Thursday, I wanted to take a look back to April and Jason’s wedding at Hotel Galvez in Galveston, TX. They had a destination wedding, traveling all the way from the Dallas area. We had so much fun photographing this wedding, the entire family was SO much fun and sure knew how to party! I’m pretty sure the congo line was the hit of the evening ūüėČ I know it’s never easy choosing vendors when you’re wedding is out of town, so THANK YOU for trusting me on your special day :)













May 28, 2013

It’s interesting how sometimes older technologies or art forms take on an even greater value when they are made obsolete by the new and modern.  This is certainly true of black and white photography.  When color photography came on the scene, it seemed the days of black and white in both video and photography were over forever.Monica Olson Photography-1_WEB Monica Olson Photography-21_WEB Monica Olson Photography-32_WEB Monica Olson Photography-36_WEB Monica Olson Photography-49_WEB Monica Olson Photography-57_WEB Monica Olson Photography-60_WEB Monica Olson Photography-77_WEB Monica Olson Photography-92_WEB Monica Olson Photography-99_WEB Monica Olson Photography-122_WEB Monica Olson Photography-148_WEB Monica Olson Photography-156_WEB Monica Olson Photography-175_WEB Monica Olson Photography-187_WEB Monica Olson Photography-191_WEB Monica Olson Photography-201_WEB Monica Olson Photography-218_WEB Monica Olson Photography-230_WEB Monica Olson Photography-248_WEB Monica Olson Photography-255_WEB Monica Olson Photography-273_WEB Monica Olson Photography-297_WEB Monica Olson Photography-305_WEB Monica Olson Photography-314_WEB Monica Olson Photography-319_WEB Monica Olson Photography-323_WEB Monica Olson Photography-332_WEB Monica Olson Photography-336_WEB Monica Olson Photography-345_WEB Monica Olson Photography-432_WEB Monica Olson Photography-445_WEB Monica Olson Photography-520_WEB Monica Olson Photography-551_WEB

But that was certainly not the case.  Over the years we have seen black and white take on a new artistic value in both genres.  In fact, it is not at all unusual any more to see a very modern movie filmed entirely in black and white.  It is also common to visit a fine art museum and find a photographic art display that uses black and white extensively.  Black and white has some artistic and emotional qualities that are just not possible to achieve in color photography.

Probably the strongest quality that grabs the viewer with a black and white photo is its emotional power.  Even if the photo is just of an old barn or an antique car, there is an emotional appeal that is difficult to analyze in words but universal to all of us as we look at a black and white shot.  That is why black and white photos almost instantly take on an artistic look.  So if you are evolving your artistic photography style and portfolio, including some experimentation with black and white will do a lot to improve your work.

Black and white also focuses the eye on the emotional center of the piece.  Probably the best subject for black and white photography is the human face.  In even a tranquil expression, the viewer can see such a vast range of expression in the eyes, the tilt of the head, the subtle wrinkles or peculiarities of the face and the focus of the gaze.

Black and white almost always invites the viewer to want to know about the story behind the picture.¬† If it‚Äôs a landscape, ‚ÄúWhat happened here?‚ÄĚ is the question that often springs to the mind of the viewer and the longer they gaze at the photo, the more their imagination fills in the details.¬† If you are viewing the face of a serene or melancholy girl, it is almost impossible not to wonder what she is dreaming about or what of life‚Äôs issues is weighing on her mind.

Along with the emotional power and the way black and white compels the viewer to search for meaning, black and white carries with it a tremendous romantic power that touches the heart in a powerful way.  That romance can easily translate over to the sensual or even the erotic without having to become pornographic to achieve that effect.  Shots that are trying to evoke the power of sensuality and romance do well when they involve moisture or a water scene such as the beach.  Despite the lack of color, these colors appeal to the five senses in ways that color can never hope to achieve.

You can experiment with black and white and gather the responses of friends and family to learn how to utilize the subtle but powerful artistic nuances that seem to come with black and white photography almost unconsciously.  The digital camera has ushered in a whole new era of black and white photography.  You see the form used even in otherwise non artistic settings like wedding portfolios or anniversary pictures.  That is because of that emotional and romantic power that black and white conveys.

If you have not started to experiment with black and white shots, it’s worth the time to learn how to capture the powerful images this type of photography can make possible.  Along with the creative use of light and framing, black and white gives itself well to editing that you can do with Photoshop to bring out the emotional center of each shot.  Before long, you may actually find your self seeing black and white shots in a color world.  Your awareness of what will make a great moment in this format will become acute and you will be ready to capture those moments spontaneously, which is always the best kind of photography.

May 24, 2013

So I know this is a little off the beaten path from wedding photography, but I want to take a moment and talk about why I want video the birth of your precious baby.

I’ve been wanting to building my portfolio for Birth Stories. ¬†I’ve put casting call on Facebook for a while now “I am looking for women would who would like to have their very own birth story and let me film it” . ¬†No one responded except a good friend who’s due date was pretty far off. ¬†Then one night at dinner, my friend started talking to me about it and asked if I had found anyone. I told her no, and couldn’t figure out why. ¬†She politely let me know, she thought it was “going to be all up in there” ¬†and the lightbulb went off. ¬†Maybe the people I have been trying to reach didn’t have a clue what I was asking for.

So first off – let me get this out of the way. ¬†I am NOT going to be at the end of the bed with a handheld camera screaming “Push! You can do it” ¬†Nope. ¬†(Well, unless that is something specifically requested.) ¬†The ¬†style is very cinematic. ¬†Very classy and non-invasive. ¬†Over the shoulder. ¬†All the little details of the room and what’s going on around you. ¬†Think life-style birth photography in video form

So examples: because I’m sure you’re still confused. ¬†Stacey Peterson from Utah does this flawlessly. ¬†She is the reason I want to do this in the first place. ¬†Please watch this video so you can have a better understanding of what I’m trying to achieve to add to my portfolio. ¬†Be sure to leave Stacey some love!

If you don’t have a tear after watching this, then you are not human. ¬†Seriously. ¬†Now can you see why I want to do this? ¬†I had a fellow photographer friend say “Ugh, I LOVE it. Idk why you don’t have a million pregnant women lining up to do this!”

I’m offering 3 women their very own birth story for free. ¬†Please email me if this is something you would like to do!

May 23, 2013

I admit, I am in LOVE with video.  Recently, I have been going to  my fellow photog friends asking them if I can tag-along to weddings they are shooting so I can capture the day on film.  Wedding Photography was done by Lovebird Photographie.

May 21, 2013

The summer is a very popular time for weddings. In fact June is one of the most popular times of the year for couples to get married (well, in Texas it’s not AS popular since it’s 105 degree heat!). The nice weather is one of the primary reasons that many couples opt for this time of year for their wedding. There is less of a chance that weather will affect the plans for the wedding and many couples feel confident planning outdoor weddings for this time of the year. However, other couples simply enjoy the summertime and opt to have their wedding at this time of year for that reason alone. Whatever the reason the couple opts for a summer wedding, they are likely to want to incorporate the idea of summer into the wedding favors they distribute.

Beach themed weddings are very popular in the summertime. The couple may be having the ceremony and reception on the beach or they may simply be incorporating a beach theme into an indoor wedding. In both cases, however, the couple will likely opt to give the guests some type of favor related to the beach. Magnets shaped like sandals are a very popular option for weddings this time of year or for wedding featuring a beach theme.

Another great idea for a favor for a summertime wedding is a candle designed to reflect the season. Candles in the shape of seashells or even votive candles in holders designed to look like sand pails are both great ideas. There are even candles in the shape of dolphins and whales available. These may be more expensive but depending on your budget for wedding favors might be a viable option.

Items such as artificial leis or other flowers can also be appropriate as wedding favors for a summer wedding. If you are planning to have flowers as your centerpieces on the tables you may wish to give each of your guests a single flower like the ones used in your centerpieces as a favor. This is a great idea because when you do this your favors will also serve to enhance the décor at your reception by closely matching the centerpieces. Giving a fresh flower as a favor is appropriate but you might also opt to give an artificial flower. This is because artificial flowers can be kept by your guests as a memento of your wedding while fresh flowers will likely wilt shortly after the wedding. Some of your guests may dry or press the fresh flowers to create a memento but the majority of them will simply discard the flower once it wilts.

Picture frames are also very popular as wedding favors for summertime weddings. This is because picture frames come in so many different styles that the couple is likely to find a picture frame which has a definite summer feel to it. There are picture frames which feature beach scenes, picture frames which are adorned with seashells and a wide variety of other whimsical picture frames which convey the meaning of summertime. Picture frames can not only be found in a wide variety of styles but are also very practical gifts. Many wedding guests enjoy receiving picture frames as wedding favors because they now have a place to store a photo of the new couple. Still other wedding guests enjoy receiving picture frames as wedding favors simply because they always have use for another picture frame and can use this frame to store pictures of friends or family members.